Apr 22

RA and bipolar disorder

My daughter was dx’d with RA and bipolar disorder 8 years ago. I
refused to use methotrexate and biogenics because of simmune system
problems. I got her stable on high doses of MSM and omegabrite salmon
oil. However,she recently had acupuncture done by her new
rheumatologist at Stanford university in Stanford, CA which threw her
into a huge flare up. She can’t get out of bed! The dr. later told me
she was not trained in the traditional chinese method and that
they “modified the treatment to conform to Western medicine”. I am
furious. Can anyone out there tell me ANYTHING and direct me to
reputable links to find qualified naturopaths, acupuncturists that
specialize in the treatment of RA.
Thank you and G-d bless.

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Mar 07

Gary tald about PSA

Hi. I am new to the club and would appreciate any
comments. My PSA was 3.5 about 6 years ago. The results of
further PSA tests are as follows:

3/99 – 4.65
9/99 – 4.70
3/00 – 5.12
9/00 – 5.45
After the 9/99 test, my doc did a free PSA which was
15%. Anything under 25% is questionable. So, he did a
biopsy which was completely negative. After the PSA on
9/00, another biopsy was performed taking 8 samples –
all negative. DRE examination shows nothing; prostate
massage to get excretion showed white blood cells. I am
going back in March for another PSA (I do this every 6
months). I feel good and have maintained my weight at 175
- 177.

After the first biopsy (which I have not
mentioned), my ability to get a good erection has gone down
hill as well as my testosterone level. I continue to
have trouble in that area and guess I always will. But i stopped to take generic viagra 100mg I
am 72. Thanks for “listening.”

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Mar 05

Debbie’s Story

Oh I am so glad to hear that you went to the ER and started dealing
with this pain and trauma right away. Dilaudid is very good in the
pain dept. Although I had problems with it, it only occurred after
taking it a few days for radiation burn. i started seeing spiders on
the wall in my bedroom and would blink and they would be gone. One
night and one morning of this and I stopped but thankfully by then the
vicodin was able to take away most of the severe pain. Remember hon,
do not hesitate for any reason to call your oncologist and primary
Dr if something doesn’t feel right. They deal with us every day of the
year so they have heard it all before and are usually ready to respond
to your needs. Don’t be afraid to be that squeaky wheel.
Now you go off to laudy laudy land and have a much needed rest!!
Remember, we are here and we care.


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Feb 23

Dave’s problem

I am young, 20 years old. I’ve been with the same girl for the last
9 months. I dont know what the requirments are for “premature”
ejaculation. Sometimes, I can go for long periods, and sometimes I
cum after 1 minute.

My main question is how can I controll my timing? I try sildenafil citrate once and I know they make
condoms that de-sensitise your penis, but I dont use condoms that
often. I’m wondering what I can do to control it, so I last longer.
I’ve tried thinking of other things, but it just doesnt work.

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Feb 21

Marge’s post to Jesica

Hi Jesica,
How did they do the surgery?? in the office….never heard of that
being done like that…was it small and close so that he could get to
it..you did the right thing and that is letting it out..I do know that
I need more tumors removed but they are so far in that right now I
can’t and with the problem with my foot both are scary..it could be a
fibroid tumor also because they are always at the surface so remember
that..and if it is C which I pray that it isn’t we will all be here
for you…you hang in there…easier said than done I know as we all
are fearing the same thing each time we go to see our Doctor’s ..and
they make ya wait forever..feels like such a big test and would love
to turn around and say pass me please…let us know as we all do
care..her’s a big HUGGGGG…

take care…


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Feb 16

Dan about fibromyalgia symptoms

Yes, please reply with help on this and what steps to take first. I did saliva test and have low progesterone, low adrenals, candida, and possibly fibromyalgia. I’m seeing NP but concerned because I’ve read that progesterone feeds yeast and so does D-ribose which she’s suggesting for fibromyalgia symptoms.
Any feedback would really be appreciated.


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Feb 10

Sarah’s article

Here is a link to information about doxycycline slowing cartilage
destruction in osteoarthritis. I was under impression that it stops bone
destruction in RA but is long term affair. For some percentage of Doc
Browns patients, antibiotics didnt work. But you can check cipro 500mg price online.

There is also the theory of the amoebas causing RA. This doctor claims
he cured his own this way.

You will find these links and many more plus info on the different
rheumatic diseases on the support group site below. If anyone finds
links that no longer work, please notify me by filling in the little
report spot at the bottom of the links page.


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Feb 08

Randall Glass about organic iodine

Has anyone tried organic iodine?

I have tried lugol’s solution. Got some results at doses around 450mg a day.

I seem to be getting good results with about 18 mg of organic iodine.

I feel better, and stronger using the organic iodine.

I make my own organic iodine using lentil sprouts.

What I do is pour 7/8 cup lentils into a big jar.

I take about 1/2 cup water, and put 2 to 3 drops of lugol’s solution into it, and stir.

I pour the water on top of the lentils. The water just covers the top of the lentils.

I wait about 1 hour for the lentils to completely soak up the water.

Then I pour about 3 cups of water into the jar.

After that I wait about 8 to 12 hours. Then I pour the water out, and rinse about 3 times.

I put the lentils into a bowl.

When the lentils start getting dry, I pour about 1 cup of water into the bowl, and let soak
for about 1/2 hour to 1 hour per day.

I have about 5 to 6 bowls of lentils out at a time.

Every time I use up a bowl, of sprouted lentils, I start soaking  another a jar of  lentils.

After 3-5 days, I have sprouted lentils, with organic iodine in them!

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Jun 04

Does a Low Hormone Level Disrupt Your Conjugal Life?

The most used/ popular name for it would be male menopause, but the term doctors will favor is andropause, and also PADAM (partial androgen deficiency with ageing men). This condition is suffered by millions of American men many of which don’t realize they have the symptoms, if you have any interest into finding out these symptoms there are public awareness campaigns launched frequently. I saw an advertisement a couple weeks ago in one of the popular magazines, it had a picture of a car and the gas gauge on empty, the words beside it said, “Depressed mood? Fatigued? Low sex drive? Is your testosterone running on empty?”  Basically what the advertisement was saying is as some men grow older their testosterone levels will drop, and if this happens you should speak with your doctor about getting testosterone therapy. Needless to say at the bottom of the advertisement the gas gauge pointed to full.
Doctors are targeted with similar advertisements. There was a recent article that was in primary-care journal that asks them to identify men in their practice that have low testosterone who could possibly benefit from a clinical performance upgrade in a packet. All the photos used were eye catching; there was a fit gentleman in his middle years with “improved sexual function”, and a happy man that is mountain biking with “improved mood”, and a police officer with “increased bone mineral density”. Physicians are all required to scan for men with low testosterone and restore the normal levels of testosterone if needed.
All those ads were paid by Unimed, which is a division of the Belgian conglomerate Solvay. Androgel a product made by Unimed was approved by the FDA about two years ago, and is now currently the fastest widely spread medication that is a testosterone replacement therapy for older men. The pills that were brought to the medical scene in the sixties were often causing liver damage. Another way to get the medication is a intramuscular injection, which is very fast and is favored by body builders and competitive athletes, the injection creates a sharp spike of hormones, but then will have a quick fall, some other things like mood swings, loss of libido, and energy also come with the fall. Back in the late eighties a transdermal patch was created, and is still widely used today. How does the patch work?  It is placed somewhere on the body and is a great smooth dose but sometimes it causes a pain because it can cause skin irritation or fall off during working out. Androgel by contrast is by far the best method for delivering testosterone to the body by simply rubbing a colorless gel usually put on the shoulders once daily. It has been put out there so it is readily available for men anywhere to get testosterone very conveniently.

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Jun 27


Androgel is the same testosterone, which is produced in a man’s body. It is made in order to increase or replace the natural testosterone in a body, which is essential for many processes in it. Androgel is available in the form of topical gel.

Generally Androgel is developed for treating all disorders which occur because of the lack or absence of testosterone, which is naturally produced by our body. There can be some other purposes for Androgel usage, if doctor decides.

There is information, which it’s better to know before you start Androgel treatment. Androgel shouldn’t be used by women. If a woman contacted with Androgel through a man’s skin, where it was applied, she should wash this place with water and soap. Pregnant women should avoid contacting Androgel, because this may cause different defects and implications in an unborn child.

Androgel is soaked through the skin area, where it was applied. So, if a woman or a child contacts this skin area, Androgel can get into their body. If you have noticed some of the next symptoms in anyone who could contact your skin, immediately inform your doctor:

  • enlarged genitals;
  • increased libido;
  • male-pattern baldness;
  • increased acne;
  • premature pubic hair;
  • aggressive behavior;
  • excessive body hair growth or any other possible features of men characteristics.

Before starting Androgel treatment, consult your doctor, and he will decide, whether you may use Androgel or not. It’s not recommended to use Androgel in case you are allergic to different testosterone gels or patches. It’s also not advised to use Androgel if you suffer from male breast cancer or prostate cancer. If you suffer from one of listed below diseases, inform your doctor:

  • kidney or liver disease;
  • diabetes;
  • overweight;
  • sleep apnea or chronic breathing problems.

Androgel like most medications has its side effects, both minor and severe. Among the most common and not very serious Androgel side effects are some allergic reactions: difficulty breathing, hives, swelling of your throat, tongue, lips or face; – and also increased acne or hair growth, sex drive changes, tenderness or breast swelling, depressed mood, headache. They are not very serious but it’s recommended to consult your doctor or find medical attention in case you experience them. Among severe side effects of Androgel there are: ankles swelling, nausea, low fever, dark urine, jaundice, problems with urination, bothersome, prolonged or frequent erections, stomach pain, loss of appetite, clay-colored stools.

Before you start Androgel treatment inform your doctor if you use any of the next medications: blood thinner (warfarin, Coumadin, Jantoven), corticosteroid (methylprednisolone (Medrol), prednisone (Sterapred) or any other), insulin and other medicines. Some medications can not go along with Androgel, so inform your doctor about every medication you take, including different herbal products, minerals, vitamins and all the medicines, which were prescribed by another doctor. Also don’t start taking any new medication without consulting your doctor.

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