Jun 17

Life and depression

let him watch and read as you post to this group. let him see that
others are going through it too. find a good website about
depression and show it to him, tell him that if you are to get
better, you need his support and understanding. and getting someone
you love to understand is difficult; they usually can’t/won’t admit
that you have any sort of problem. it took very drastic measures for
me to convince my parents that i needed help. now, i continually
share information with them about depression, suicide, whatever.
jsut to make them understand what i’m going through. it’s a long
road, but it is well worth it in the end.


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May 18

Paxil information

that IS the max dosage for paxil…but what do the doctors care as
long as they’re making money? paxil is addictive and you can build
up a tolerance to it easily. i started on 20mg (at my request) and
asked to be pushed up to 30mg, and then 40mg that i can order in canadian drugstore. i did this when i felt
that the paxil wasn’t working so well anymore — i had built up a
tolerance to the drug. my upstairs neighbor is on 80mg of paxil and
doesn’t think anything of it…

i just want to say to everyone that i’m not telling you all about the
dangers of drugs like paxil and prozac to scare you. i’m simply
trying to help by sharing information, by educating you and by
supporting you. both Rory and I have scads of information on SSRI’s
and such. if you have any questions about these drugs, please don’t
hesitiate to ask and we will point you in the right direction.


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Apr 23

Welcome aboard, Heidi!

As you may know, rheumatoid arthritis is extremely serious, possibly life threatening. 50% of patients are on complete work disability within 10 years, in less than 10 years from the onset of rheumatoid arthritis.

While some people believe that natural medicines strenghten your health and, more generally, your immune system, it is widely recognized that natural medicines are not enough for any serious case of rheumatoid arthritis.

Studies have shown that as many as 66% of patients with rheumatoid arthritis experience a severe depression or display mild schizophrenia symptoms, akin to bipolar disorder. This is likely caused by inflammation of the cerebro-spinal fluid. Because these symptoms are caused by rheumatoid arthritis, they should disappear as patients control inflammation.

I invite you to go to the Medical studies folder of the Files section to take a .pdf copy of both the 1997 O’Dell study and the 1999 O’Dell study at:


In the Topics previously discussed folder of the Files section, at:


the following documents should prove helpful:

- Controling pain and inflammation
- Choosing a good specialist
- Finding an orthopaedist
- Quick start for Minocin
- Minocin vs. generic minocycline

Your daughter is seriously ill and could die if her inflammation is not brought under control as soon as possible to limit the extent of permanent damage. Your daughter should consult an orthopaedist and ask for a prescription of NSAIDs, acetaminophen and codeine to control pain and inflammation. In the mean time, any family doctor can make a preliminary diagnosis and prescribe the medications your daughter needs.

If the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis is confirmed, your daughter should also ask for a prescription of Minocin (minocycline) and furosemide 40 mg (lasix). Over time, the antibiotics could lead to a full remission.

Good luck to your daughter,


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Apr 22

RA and bipolar disorder

My daughter was dx’d with RA and bipolar disorder 8 years ago. I
refused to use methotrexate and biogenics because of simmune system
problems. I got her stable on high doses of MSM and omegabrite salmon
oil. However,she recently had acupuncture done by her new
rheumatologist at Stanford university in Stanford, CA which threw her
into a huge flare up. She can’t get out of bed! The dr. later told me
she was not trained in the traditional chinese method and that
they “modified the treatment to conform to Western medicine”. I am
furious. Can anyone out there tell me ANYTHING and direct me to
reputable links to find qualified naturopaths, acupuncturists that
specialize in the treatment of RA.
Thank you and G-d bless.

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Mar 07

Gary tald about PSA

Hi. I am new to the club and would appreciate any
comments. My PSA was 3.5 about 6 years ago. The results of
further PSA tests are as follows:

3/99 – 4.65
9/99 – 4.70
3/00 – 5.12
9/00 – 5.45
After the 9/99 test, my doc did a free PSA which was
15%. Anything under 25% is questionable. So, he did a
biopsy which was completely negative. After the PSA on
9/00, another biopsy was performed taking 8 samples –
all negative. DRE examination shows nothing; prostate
massage to get excretion showed white blood cells. I am
going back in March for another PSA (I do this every 6
months). I feel good and have maintained my weight at 175
- 177.

After the first biopsy (which I have not
mentioned), my ability to get a good erection has gone down
hill as well as my testosterone level. I continue to
have trouble in that area and guess I always will. But i stopped to take generic viagra 100mg I
am 72. Thanks for “listening.”

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Mar 05

Debbie’s Story

Oh I am so glad to hear that you went to the ER and started dealing
with this pain and trauma right away. Dilaudid is very good in the
pain dept. Although I had problems with it, it only occurred after
taking it a few days for radiation burn. i started seeing spiders on
the wall in my bedroom and would blink and they would be gone. One
night and one morning of this and I stopped but thankfully by then the
vicodin was able to take away most of the severe pain. Remember hon,
do not hesitate for any reason to call your oncologist and primary
Dr if something doesn’t feel right. They deal with us every day of the
year so they have heard it all before and are usually ready to respond
to your needs. Don’t be afraid to be that squeaky wheel.
Now you go off to laudy laudy land and have a much needed rest!!
Remember, we are here and we care.


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Feb 23

Dave’s problem

I am young, 20 years old. I’ve been with the same girl for the last
9 months. I dont know what the requirments are for “premature”
ejaculation. Sometimes, I can go for long periods, and sometimes I
cum after 1 minute.

My main question is how can I controll my timing? I try sildenafil citrate once and I know they make
condoms that de-sensitise your penis, but I dont use condoms that
often. I’m wondering what I can do to control it, so I last longer.
I’ve tried thinking of other things, but it just doesnt work.

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Feb 21

Marge’s post to Jesica

Hi Jesica,
How did they do the surgery?? in the office….never heard of that
being done like that…was it small and close so that he could get to
it..you did the right thing and that is letting it out..I do know that
I need more tumors removed but they are so far in that right now I
can’t and with the problem with my foot both are scary..it could be a
fibroid tumor also because they are always at the surface so remember
that..and if it is C which I pray that it isn’t we will all be here
for you…you hang in there…easier said than done I know as we all
are fearing the same thing each time we go to see our Doctor’s ..and
they make ya wait forever..feels like such a big test and would love
to turn around and say pass me please…let us know as we all do
care..her’s a big HUGGGGG…

take care…


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Feb 16

Dan about fibromyalgia symptoms

Yes, please reply with help on this and what steps to take first. I did saliva test and have low progesterone, low adrenals, candida, and possibly fibromyalgia. I’m seeing NP but concerned because I’ve read that progesterone feeds yeast and so does D-ribose which she’s suggesting for fibromyalgia symptoms.
Any feedback would really be appreciated.


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Feb 10

Sarah’s article

Here is a link to information about doxycycline slowing cartilage
destruction in osteoarthritis. I was under impression that it stops bone
destruction in RA but is long term affair. For some percentage of Doc
Browns patients, antibiotics didnt work. But you can check cipro 500mg price online.

There is also the theory of the amoebas causing RA. This doctor claims
he cured his own this way.

You will find these links and many more plus info on the different
rheumatic diseases on the support group site below. If anyone finds
links that no longer work, please notify me by filling in the little
report spot at the bottom of the links page.


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